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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

own initiative

kokemomo´s workshop today:

Hi people!
I just finish one sketch, draw & paint for my love´s mother (she ask long time ago...) and well... you see... I´m not holding back, I do it as I want, but I´m not sure about she likes it.. well THA´S I FELL and THAT´S I LIKE TO DO, so I did it.
I get inspired fom egon shiele works whit sex themes (I like so so so much Egon shiele works, I think he was a little bit sick (sexual talking) but his work in amazing.)
It´s a free interpretation of one of them.
I hope that she isn´t too preservative.
enjoy them. (sorry about my poor english I´m trying hard)

3 comentarios:

Yukari ^____^ Buruberi dijo...

I think she prefers a death nature.... two vases and two lemons but...

carmen_campito dijo...

ya decía yo que me recordaba a algo cuando lo ví esta mañana! Me gusta la obra de ese tipo!
(me he metido en tu blooog eh?:P)


Yukari ^____^ Buruberi dijo...

thanksss my peachcandy!